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The Difference Between Divorce And Annulment

When you are married, there is a small chance that, at some point, one of the parties will demand a divorce or annulment from the other person. If you want to learn more about divorce and annulment, it is best that you seek help from a professional lawyer and learn their similarities and differences. The reason as to why lawyers can be consulted is because legal action might be involved in such a situation. There are people who find it hard to differentiate between annulment and divorce. Even though after a divorce or annulment you shall be single again, both of these processes have a large number of differences. With a divorce, you shall be ending a valid marriage.

On the other hand, an annulment is meant to declare marriage invalid since it was incorporated. Annulment is done to legally erase a marriage and have it void. The process of annulment is sophisticated which means that you need the help of an expert to have it termed as void. The marriage shall be recorded in your files once the annulment is complete and you are single again. When it comes to divorce, it is mostly done to end a legal marriage. Once this service is over, both parties can get back to the dating life if they wish to without having worries of any legal consequences. There are couples who opt to get this service of annulment in the church whereas some prefer the legal procedures.

Most couples get an annulment after they experience challenges in their new life. The existence of incompetence between parties is regarded as one of the reasons that make couples get an annulment. In the event that one of the parties was not in their right state of mind, the law finds it right to have the marriage annulled. For some people, they find themselves in a new marriage despite the fact that they are already married. It is against the law to get married twice without legally ending the first marriage. What the government will do is annul the second marriage.

At times, you might get married and later find out that you are related with your partner. This is regarded as incest and by law, you are required to get an annulment. In some states, it is important that you produce evidence before you can be granted the divorce. In divorce situations where children are involved or asset division is necessary, it is important that you hire a lawyer. The lawyer will help to guide you through the whole divorce process. Compared to divorce, an annulment is rare because few people qualify for it. There are some states that bar couples from getting an annulment after they have been married for a certain period.